FolkyFishFest 2013

We are super excited to bring back FolkyFishFest for the second year in a row! Our new and improved website will help walk you through everything that FFF2013 has to offer! We have music, videos, artist bios, vendor info, a map, camping and swimming information, and so much more! Read up on the music, fishing, nature and art workshops we are offering and learn all about the new night fishing tournament and all of the children's activities we're also offering this year! You can contact us or leave comments as well.

We look forward to having you join us this August 16th, 17th and 18th!

Want to Volunteer?

Each volunteer will get a discounted ticket on the day of the volunteer shift. For example, if you volunteer one shift on Friday, you will receive a ticket for $5.
Discounted Rates:
Friday - $5
Saturday - $15
Sunday - $5

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Form
FolkyFishFest is located at Bell Lake 5215 N 450 W Angola, IN